Why Custom Modular Homes Are Better Than Site-Built Homes

Modular homes are homes that are built in a factory setting; the parts of the home are transported to the construction site, where they will be put together by the builder. They are also called factory-built homes, system-built homes, and pre-fab homes.

Key Differences in Modular Homes

There are many differences that set modular homes apart from custom luxury homes; the key one being that these homes are not built on a foundation and can often be moved from one location to another. Additional differences that modular home builders use to set their homes apart from traditional homes include:

  • Custom-built modular homes in Alberta appraise for the same price as other homes in the area that are built on-site, with these homes also not depreciating in value.
  • Modular homes are custom luxury homes that can be built to your specifications with features that are unique to your tastes, including your desired size.
  • Modular home builders employ engineers who are well-versed in computer-assisted drafting.
  • Though it is built in a factory and transported to the property, a modular home is a permanent building.

For the eco-conscious, modular home builders use materials that are environmentally safe. Another advantage is that these types of homes can be constructed much more quickly than a site-built residence.

How Custom-Built Modular Homes Are Similar to Site-Built Homes

Custom-built modular homes also share many similarities with site-built homes, including:

  • Home loans for a modular home are the same as a home that is built on-site.
  • Insuring your modular home is the same as a site-built one.
  • The taxes you will pay on a modular home are the same as you would pay on a home that is built on-site.

Many Benefits to Buying a Modular Home

We may not encounter hurricane-force winds in Alberta, but the province has still experienced cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. That's why custom-built modular homes in Alberta are built to withstand winds of up to 175 mph.

If you're a retiree or a senior couple looking to move into a smaller home after the kids move out, modular homes provide you with accessibility options. Or if you have a family member with mobility issues, a modular home can be customized to meet their needs; many unique designs are possible and not all homes are alike.

Sunshine Homes is the leading provider of affordable custom-built modular homes in Alberta. Regardless of the size of home you are looking for, our team of professionals can have your dream home put together and ready for construction in a short time; no one will even be able to tell that your home is modular thanks to our expert construction.