Modular Homes

Sunshine Homes delivers top quality modular houses for rural and urban communities across central Alberta. We guide customers through the decision process which often requires education on what exactly manufactured homes are and why people would want to choose a prefabricated house.

What is a modular home?

A modular home is one that is built and delivered in two or more sections, than assembled on site by a team of professionals. Each of these sections is manufactured in a quality controlled environment, routinely inspected by a third party for optimum design and accuracy. These modular homes can be installed on a basement foundation or stand alone, working well for rural and urban communities. These sections are transported to the site and assembled with finishing by experts before final inspections and turnover.

Why would you choose modular?

The beauty of a manufactured home is that the construction process is far more controlled and reliable. Modular home construction is quickly becoming more popular in Alberta because of how well they are designed for harsh Alberta weather. We build all our modular houses indoors and away from the impact of elements, delivering faster completion times in the highest standards.

  • Custom design provides the owner with control over look and feel
  • Controlled environment for higher quality home development
  • One company performs all construction requirements for higher precision
  • Faster completion times with manufactured home processes
  • Lower potential cost because of faster timelines and controlled process

Common Misconceptions About Modular Homes

Boring boxed houses:
Modular home construction is a custom process, one that allows customers to pick and choose the designs and features they like. With the cost savings of manufactured home development, there is often more room for you to add new features inside of your budget.

Poor quality manufacturing:
Sunshine Homes uses a controlled environment, dedicated teams and constant quality control inspections to ensure every modular home we produce is of the highest quality standards. The controlled construction process often removes many of the dangers to quality design such as poor weather or multiple builders

Withstanding Alberta weather:
We suffer from significant fluctuations in our weather here in Alberta, therefore we manufacture our homes to the highest standards possible. We even build our roofs to 60 pound snow load, twice the standard home development requirements. Therefore you’ll see Sunshine Homes all across Alberta in places like Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, Whitecourt and Drayton Valley.

Long construction time:
As we’ve mentioned, modular house development is often far faster than traditional stick and frame construction. This is due to a controlled construction process that manufactures components in a controlled space with dedicated teams. Sunshine Homes has a 90 day mandate for warranty completion that ensures we’ll have your modular home ready in the timelines we state.