Home Models

Sunshine Homes invests in quality, and this shows across each model of home we offer to the public. Our business is based entirely around understanding, meeting, and even exceeding the lifestyle needs of our customers and only offering top-quality homes we can be proud of. We understand that we are building futures, not just putting roofs over heads.

Each one of our homes, regardless of model, is built using an agile and focused process. This is known as the "modular advantage" and sees each home built under controlled environments by a dedicated and professional team. Without weather getting in the way or different teams of tradesmen, quality homes can be devised, revised, built, and delivered quickly and without compromising on the original vision.

Our top-quality homes come in the following types:

Manufactured Homes

As the name implies, these are residential homes that are built and delivered quickly and at lower cost than conventional construction. Manufactured homes are often used as an alternative to building a home and provide the full look and feel of suburban living without the same hassles as a building firm.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are constructed using the same process as our other homes, but are delivered in two or more sections and assembled on-site. This allows for more control over the final layout and appearance of the home, making them useful for rural living or setting up on properties that may be difficult to bring a full-sized building up to at once.

Ready to Move (RTM) Homes

An RTM home is similar to a modular home except it comes in a single piece rather than sections. The other difference is that RTM homes can be installed on existing basement foundations or set up as a stand alone residence. Access to the site, as well as its current landscaping, will influence whether a modular home or RTM home is the better option.

Lake Homes

Lake homes are larger, more luxury-style homes meant for people looking for recreational retreats. Despite their name, lake homes do not necessarily have to be used as lakeside cottages and can be set up anywhere our other home models could.