We would like to thank everyone at Sunshine Homes for our safe and great delivery of our new Modular Home.The Sales people were so helpful in the choosing, planning and ordering our home for the lake. The delivery was very professional and so well set up.

Wendall's maintenance and cleaning crew were very friendly and helpful in getting our new home cleaned up and all minor things fixed for us.  We really appreciated all you have done to make this Modular Home an awesome place for us to live in. We just LOVE it!!

We would recommend your company to everyone who wants to purchase a Modular Home.

Thanks again to everyone at Sunshine Home!

Most Sincerely,

Gerry & Karen Schoettler,

I would like to thank you, Bill and the rest of your crew at Sunshine Homes, for my nice home! I am very happy with it. I looked at a few homes at other places before I looked at one of your homes. They were nice but when I saw yours I knew that’s what I wanted. You are a super bunch to deal with from start to finish, always willing to answer all the many questions I had. You seem more like friends than just sales people. I will definitely tell people that are looking at getting themselves a new home to go to Sunshine Homes.

Thanks again,

Kendra Loewen ,

We purchased a home from Sunshine Homes in Millet, after our home was destroyed in the Slave Lake Wildfire May 15, 2011. We travelled to many different locations looking at modular homes, and Sunshine Homes was the 7th place we went to after it being suggested by a friend. Well we looked at their homes on site and fell in love with one of the models. We chose that home but made changes to the blueprint a couple times,( they can make it however you want it). Darryl has thousands of plans on his computer and you can choose colors and material to be used. We were very happy with the pleasant atmosphere and attitude of all the staff at Sunshine Homes. They changed the blueprint as we wished and helped with suggestions, very knowledgeable and as I was told jokingly “not their first rodeo”. The staff made us feel very comfortable and were always a phone call away when we had questions, the cranes were all arranged by Sunshine Homes (Bev) and we just had to watch it move in. I am very happy with the quality of the home as well as the service from Sunshine Homes. They do not set the home down and disappear either, they will make a few visits in the next few months and be sure all is in place. If I were to build again, Sunshine Homes would be where I would go again, we feel like we have gained some good friends.

Deloris Bonnett & Dave Twin,

Everyone at Sunshine Homes worked so hard with us and for us to get the home that we wanted. We couldn't believe the quality we got for our money. Right from the planning to the delivery to the the set up, it was exceptional!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) we give Sunshine Homes a 10+!!!!

Karen & Ron McIntosh,

Sunshine Homes is one of a kind!! I immediately noticed the friendly, almost family-like surroundings within a short time of being there. You know how we all hate the "Brick Warehouse" guy that follows you all around and really wants you to buy something; well, that doesn't happen at Sunshine Homes...there is no sales push whatsoever. They are more concerned with doing exactly what the customer wants and needs. Whether it be Daryl or anyone else, they were more than willing to be there whenever and do whatever was needed. I am sure sometimes they were thinking "What a nut, doesn't she know anything?"...but, if they did, they kept it very well hidden :o)

We absolutely love our new home!! Great workmanship here...we have had many, many comments from visitors who were more than surprised at the final outcome. From the time of ordering the home to the time it arrived here was about as quick as you could ask for unless you want to live in an RV instead. It is the set up that can be slower, of course, only due to weather conditions...otherwise Kevin and his crew were out here at every possible moment to please us as we couldn't wait to get into our new home. Kevin fixes every possible thing that needs fixing right down to the nitty gritty detail...and does not show any annoyance :o)

To sum it all up, about all I can say is if I were to do it all over again, would I? Yes....in a heart beat and it would be Sunshine all the way. I cannot say thanks enough to Daryl along with everyone else including in getting us to where we are now. THANKS SO MUCH guys/gals!!! Go with Sunshine...you won't be sorry you did. We LOVE our new home !!

Jan and Brittney,

We love our home, very happy with the end result. All of the staff at Sunshine Homes are awesome, and have helped us in every aspect of succeeding in the completion of our home.

We have shared our experience with our friends and family who are looking to do the same as us, and have highly recommended Sunshine Homes to be the company to go with to get exactly what you want for your home.

Sincerely, Shereen Hook,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done with our purchase and set up of our new home in 2009.

We had done extensive research on modular homes from Calgary north through to Morinville, and found that Sunshine Homes was able to supply us with the home we were looking for and within our price range and time frame.

The house we had built was from Friendship Homes out of Minnesota. The reason we went with this home was because of the high quality standards of building construction and the price.  There were a wide variety of options to choose from which enhanced the final look of our home.

At the time of purchase, the set up was indicated to be two weeks, which was met on time. Kevin and his team completed it professionally, with quality results.

Kevin and his team came back to do the warranty work one year later, as promised, again with professional results.

If we were to buy another home again, we would be looking to purchase one through Sunshine Homes.

Sincerely, Joe & Judy Pettit,

I just wanted to send you a note telling you how happy we are that we decided to buy a home from you. Your pricing is the best and your service is even better.

Your willingness to help with any concerns we had prior to the house arrival was very much appreciated.  It is obvious you take pride in customer service.  It’s something we noticed the minute we walked into your office/showhome.

Not only did the house get delivered when you said it would, you have stood by all your commitments. Your “Service and Warranty” person Bev is excellent to deal with.  Any time we’ve had a question or concern, she’s been able to assist us.

You all have been awesome to deal with!

Thanks, Chris Larsen,

Thank you to all the people from Sunshine Homes for helping us purchase our new home. We have purchased quite a few homes in the past and have dealt with numerous businesses but have never been treated with such respect as we did through Sunshine Homes. We can’t say enough about the help we received. We had a few problems but they were corrected immediately and the staff were just as upset about these issues as well as us and they did everything in their power to correct any concerns we had. Their patience over the hundred and one questions we had and the prompt responses received from them were top of the line. Our home was what we wanted and the repairs that were needed from the move were handled swiftly. From the sales office to the booking department to the service department, congratulations on a job well done. To the setup crew, the painter, and the repair personnel, a big pat on the back for the excellent workmanship. The owner and manager should be very proud to have a great staff that is there. We would highly recommend Sunshine Homes to anyone interested in purchasing a new home and wish to send a BIG bouquet of roses to everyone who worked on our home from start to finish.

Sincerely, Bria and Pat Lamha,

We appreciate all the work you did on Friday (and before) and how talented you guys are. The matching of the ceiling paint was exact and the rest of the work was superb. Now we feel proud of our place. Thank you so much.

Thank you for taking my numerous phone calls and being so understanding all the time. We don’t think there is any other company that would have done so much for us by sending out (so many times) people to correct the mistakes and coming back and finishing up the work. You have really impressed us and we have only good things to say about Sunshine Homes. We hope the company flourishes and you all take care and keep up the outstanding work.

Thanks you for finding the mobile home at a cost we could afford. We would still be in our old trailer with the leaking and moldy addition and frozen pipes if it wasn’t for you. Hope to see you again someday.

Yours truly, Grant Allen and Elaine MacIntyre,